Travelling Without Moving

Lately I’d been getting increasingly frustrated with the limitations of WordPress(.com), so I longed for a change. With the Easter weekend, I finally had a little extra time and energy to make the switch to Octopress, plus a dedicated web host. Hopefully that’ll encourage me to start posting again, or at least remove one major grumble. I’m also looking forward to such liberties as the ability to embed WebGL, though I can’t entirely promise that I’ll wield such power responsibly.

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MathJax looks awesome! I've seen that popping up more and more lately. Been meaning to give it a whirl on my own blog, too. Surprised they don't already have a solution for RSS built-in, though.

Yes, the quality is great when it works. Besides the intermittent Chrome problem, I had another minor issue with OSX, but that seemed to be fixed by uninstalling some fonts.

I'll post an update if/when I figure out a robust solution for RSS. A quick search dug up this before, but I'd rather not deal with two different systems if I can avoid it.

Hi - it took me about 5 minutes of poking around your site to find the RSS link. The grayed out icon is rather inconspicuous. Just FYI :)

You're right. I'll try to fix that soon. Cheers!