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As before, I’m collecting links to SIGGRAPH content: courses, talks, posters, etc. I’ll continue to update the post as new stuff appears; if you’ve seen anything that’s not here, please let me know in the comments.

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Great resource. Thanks for this.

Slides for the WebGL BOF:

Slides for each presenter will show up here:


The Microsoft keynote on WebGL in IE 11 at Web3D (co-located) may also be of interest:


Cheers! I'll update the list.


I wasn't aware of the Web3D conference. If I come across any more content, then I'll add a section.


My talk from Advances course:


Updated, thanks!


Don't know if that fits, but here are all the talks from NVIDIA's Best of GTC


Yes, anything that's part of the program (in this case: ) is fine. I hadn't done a complete search for "Exhibitor Tech Talks" yet, since they normally take a while to go online following the conference. I'll get on that later, but update the post in the meantime. Cheers!


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Just found this one : Understanding the Masking-Shadowing Function

Thanks for this resource.


Looks I didn't copy/paste correctly :


A better link would be to the updated JCGT version:
You may not have noticed, but this was included in the Physically Based Shading course, which I co-organised and is hosted here too ( ). We'll be adding links to content over the next few days, as soon as it's ready.


Oh ok, I just did a quick research, sorry about that !


Oh, no problem. Anyway, I'm glad the links have been helpful! :)


Indeed it was ;) ! Can't wait the next stuff !


Slides for the "Virtual Globes Using WebGL and Cesium" BOF and "3D Geospatial Visualization on the Web with Cesium" at the Carto BOF are now posted. Sorry, I was slow getting these up.


Updated, thanks!


Course page (with slides and notes) for "Navigation Meshes and Real-Time Dynamic Planning for Interactive Virtual Worlds" is here:


Course notes for "Attention-Aware Rendering, Mobile
Graphics and Games" here: