SIGGRAPH 2013 Links


Once again, I’m collecting links to SIGGRAPH content: courses, talks, posters, etc. I’ll continue to update the post as new stuff appears.

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Crytek's "Playing with Real-Time Shadows" talk at the shadows course is now online at the Crytek publications web site.


Indeed! I actually added it this morning, but it may not have shown up without forcing a page refresh in the browser (I really need to get on and tweak my page cache settings).


This page: has links to materials for the SIGGRAPH 2013 Talk, "Volume-Aware Extinction Mapping".


The PG paper is new, but the original SIGGRAPH Talk is actually from 2012. Still, I'll add this as an alternative link to the "SIGGRAPH 2012 Links" post. Cheers!


Nice post, Can you give me some more details about transmission fluid Rochester NY.


Seems you forgot the Frozen stuff about snow (and hair and fluid iirc) simulation, which was the most impressive stuff shown last year. People at Siggraph were absolutely speechless.


Could you be more specific? If you're talking about e.g., that was part of the Technical Papers session, which Ke-Sen Huang's website collects.