SIGGRAPH 2012 Links


As with last year, I’m gathering links to SIGGRAPH content, to complement Ke-Sen Huang’s invaluable Technical Papers list. Please let me know if you have anything to add to the list.

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Thanks for this nice list! State of the Art in Photon Density Estimation is up at:


Thanks! It was already on the list actually. I put "(to appear)" since the content isn't actually linked at the moment.


Right... must have been hitting the links which actually contained content when I looked through it :)
Still the link in your list is to Toshiya's main page and not the actual course page, but maybe that was also intentional.


Awesome page!


studio talk "Interactive Modeling with Mesh Surfaces" slides, video, etc: http://papervideos.s3.amazonaw...


No, I meant to link to the course page, but I must have pasted the URL that I used for "Randomized Coherent Sampling..." by mistake. Cheers!


Added, thanks! I've placed this in the Studio section, but I might merge this with Talks down the line depending on what content shows up.


One more for the list: "Advanced Dynamic Lighting on Mobile", a talk by Sam Martin at Geomerics. Slideset with notes at


Thanks Eric!


Brilliant! Thanks.


Great resource! Here is a link to the presentation "Mobile Augmented Reality in Advertising: the TineMelk AR App - A Case Study" that we did at SIGGRAPH Mobile as well as a subtitled film that present the AR experience. The PDF is a 22Mb download. I guess you could make a separate heading for SIGGRAPH Mobile? Enjoy!


Thank you! I've added a Mobile section (something I'd been contemplating before) and also moved studio talks into the Studio section.

Let me know if you add a project page for TineMelk down the line.


Epic finally released the Paper detailing the tech in UE4 from the Advances in Real-time rendering course:

Thanks for the awesome list :)


Added, thanks!


There are now project pages for three more ICT talks (you do have a link for #1, but the new link is for the official project page which may get additional materials in future):


In fact I had the 3rd link up there already, but I'll update/add the other two. Thanks Naty!


Link to the dRig talk no longer works - try this one instead:


Drat, I'd spotted that the publications page had changed, but didn't think to check if the link still worked. Cheers!


The "Auto(mobile): Mobile Visual Interfaces for the Road" link is no longer available, might want to use this one